Our 3D static and dynamic scans of the foot, ankle, knee and hip, taking pictures of the foot and lower limbs in motion. This unique, new digital system has revolutionised the detection and treatment of foot disorders.

Ensuring your prescription orthotics are unique to you.

As accurate as contact lenses

Prescription orthotics help support the bones in your feet and re-align the joints in your body allowing the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones to work effectively.

As a “three dimensional functional device” an orthotic is designed to specifically change the function of your feet, in turn re-aligning your whole body.

With your feet in balance you should be able to walk better, whilst the rest of your body, especially the knees, hips and spine can function more efficiently.

Everyone’s anatomy and development is different. Our prescription orthotics are unique to the individual.

Orthotics are designed to suit different activities including sport.

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